Cheryl Doves

Exploring Areas of Personal Growth and Healing:
The Way I See It

Self-transformation is a change in perspective that changes your life. That perspective comes from a deep inner knowing that arises when the mind is quiet. We come into life with a purpose. We begin to fulfill our life purpose by being the highest expression of ourselves – when our actions, words and thoughts are kind, gracious and compassionate. It is the way of the mystic, an inner knowing that is the still small voice within, our teacher and guide. It is the spiritual truth and insight that comes when we become quiet and listen in receptive silence.

Looking at the soul from a perspective of ongoing growth, we come into this life with a life plan. We come with an intention to learn and grow in certain areas, both personally and collectively, but our vision is dimmed by the veils between this denser plane of physical reality and the finer plane of spiritual reality. Catastrophic events have the potential to push us beyond the habits and patterns of our dimmed awareness so that we can begin to pierce some of the veils and get on with what we're here to do—grow into conscious, aware, compassionate, and spiritual beings.

We all grow up physically, we mature to varying degrees mentally and emotionally, but it takes a conscious choice to grow up spiritually. That growth leads to a transformation that can change one’s life. It is a change of perspective that comes from connecting with a deep inner knowing that comes when the mind is quiet.

The spiritual path is the inner way of mystic tradition—our teacher lies within. When we're looking for guidance or truth, that is the most direct path. But guidance can also come from outside sources, the things we read or hear. Whenever an outside perspective isn't validated from the inside, we simply set it aside. It’s not for us. In that spirit, any perspective I give is simply the way I see it.