Peace Pilgrim’s Wisdom

Compiled by Cheryl Canfield
Publisher: Friends of Peace Pilgrim and Ocean Tree Books
Pages: 215; ISBN: 0-943734-30-4; First Edition 1996

Peace Pilgrim, an authentic American sage, walked the roads of our land for nearly three decades. Cheerfully penniless, she carried into schools, churches, homes, and lives a simple message about the attainment of inner and outer peace. Here, Cheryl Canfield has gathered 365 of Peace’s thoughts—one for every day of the year—with space provided for your own insights and reflections. There are also beautiful descriptions throughout the book in Peace's own words of her travels. In addition, there is a section that highlights interesting points in Peace Pilgrim’s life. Designed to help you integrate simple spiritual truths into your life, Peace Pilgrim’s Wisdom is a powerful Companion for spiritual growth.

Cheryl Canfield knew Peace Pilgrim as a beloved friend and mentor. She is one of the five compilers of Peace Pilgrim: Her Life and Work in Her Own Words, a spiritual classic with over 500,000 copies now in print. Having accompanied Peace on the two inspirational and educational retreats she led late in life, Cheryl continues to use the same principles in her private practice and workshops. She lives on the Central Coast of California, where she is a wellness counselor, clinical hypnotherapist and hypnotherapy instructor.

Peace Pilgrim’s Wisdom: A Very Simple Guide

Compiled by Cheryl Canfield
Reviewer: Natalie Brown, San Diego, California

I heartily recommend this book to everyone, and I mean EVERYONE. If Peace didn’t reach you during her thirty-year-long pilgrimage through North America (on foot and on faith), let her reach you now through the many words she left behind. This book is a compilation of 365 quotations taken from Peace’s speeches and writings, one for each day of the year. It can be used as a daily journal or study guide, opened up at random and enjoyed in bits, or read through and through in one exhilarating, inspiring, heart-and-eye opening sitting. I would not like to categorize this book as “religious’ or even ‘spiritual’, because Peace’s message neither includes nor excludes any particular religion or brand of spirituality, but transcends all boundaries. I have yet to encounter a person familiar with Peace Pilgrim in whom she has failed to strike a chord; everyone that I have shared this book with—from the most jaded, disinterested cynic to the most well-read, spiritually-schooled seeker to even the set-in-her-ways bible-thumper has been affected by it and fallen in love with Peace. She was an amazing woman with a beautiful, vibrant and purposeful spirit and a definite message to spread; it is neither a new nor a radical message, but only Peace was able to articulate it in such a no-nonsense, accessible and, most of all, deeply inspiring way. Forget mind-boggling profundities, esoteric practices and trite instruction manuals on ‘how to live’—check out Peace Pilgrim!

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