A Prayer for Peace In the World: Visualizing God’s Light:

You can use or include the following written or audio visualization and your own prayer(s). Close your eyes down, taking some deep slow breaths as you become centered in the stillness. Letting everything go. Imagine a golden light shining down all around you, always there. Connected to that highest source, to God. As you breathe, you breathe in the light. You can visualize, sense, feel, however you do that, the golden light within you. That spark of the divine that is in everyone, that is your own higher nature.

Reach out with your divine nature and touch that spark of the divine – the higher nature - in political leaders, or persons of power and influence, who are leading politics of war and anniliation. Take a moment to reflect on any leaders that come to mind, who are perpetuating violence and separation from universal principles. That spark is there, within them, no matter how deeply it is buried. Visualize a golden light shining down all around them. Now lift them up into God’s hands with a prayer that their hearts be opened, that they be restored to their highest potential for good - for the good of the whole. Leaving them now in God’s hands, the best possible hands…

Reach out with your higher nature and touch that spark of the divine in all those who reside in war torn areas, who suffer cruel and inhumane injustices and pain. Surround and embrace them in light, visualizing the light shining all around them. Lift them up into God’s hands, knowing they’re in the best possible hands, and leave them there.

Expand that golden light out now, surrounding the earth, bathing the earth in golden light. Within you is the light of the world. Embracing that light. May Peace Prevail - in our hearts and on Earth.

Love is the light that illuminates the darkness. When we get together and shine our light it lights up the world.