Walking Into My Golden Years


Time to breathe
Time to turn within
Time to transition to… something new
Floating and drifting through the cycles of life,
Through the maze of Akashic records… Lost in time…
One piece fitting into another until one tiny segment becomes clear…
Then another…
Running through it all is a tiny dot in the middle ~ the I AM that is me,
A tiny drop that is both itself and a part of the ocean, the whole…
The drop separates and returns, again…and again…and again… and again… and again
And so it is
Such peace and beauty and joy when awareness of the separation
Merges with an awareness of the whole

In this little village in Cambria where I moved in 2021, I have come to know myself, the I Am within, more deeply. I have lived in many inspiring, sometimes spectacular places, in the ensuing years. Yet I’ve never felt more at home. As I move into this final chapter I revel in the simplicity of my surroundings and the growing ease inside. It’s a dream, really, to live in an enchanting environment where mountains meet the ocean mist and I can walk at dawn, breathing in fresh air and listening to the sound of waves crashing into the sand.

It is here in all the beauty that surrounds me, and the peace of pre-dawn that exudes in early morning as the ocean laps at the sand, and the colors that appear as darkness transforms into dawn - that I have found an even closer sense of my departed loved ones – angels on the disembodied side – that embrace my heart each day and in the quiet of night.

coastal photo
The Peace of Cambria

Cheryl Canfield, CCHT, 2023