Two Worlds

Cancer brought many changes and many new experiences. I was catapulted into a journey that became a catalyst for transformation, leading me through the dark night. In my waking hours I focused on health-giving life style practices, eating a nutritious diet, meditating, getting out in the fresh air and sunshine when I was able, walking and breathing oxygen into my lungs.

It was a struggle not to succumb to sleep during the day as fatigue pulled me down. I was used to being productive. And then I surrendered. When fatigue beckoned I accepted that my body needed healing rest. I soon found myself experiencing two worlds. One was lived in my conscious awake state, the other when I entered sleep. As I drifted Off I was aware of rising above the heaviness of my body into another realm. Here I met with different teachers. Sometimes alone, sometimes with others in a classroom. I retained awareness of these sojourns some of the time, though not always.

There were many lessons. Teachers guided me in the rekindling of my faith and knowing. The journey of the soul is not something that can be seen or touched or known through the intellect. It is perceived through the higher nature within. It is the inner voice that connects us to the Divine. I was reminded that when I live with a primary focus on my physical relationship to the world I’m subject to physical limitations. When I integrate my mind and spirit I expand my awareness to much grander dimensions, where consciousness exists beyond the body or limitations of this life.

This journey took me into a realm that connected me to higher knowing. It turned my vision toward an altruistic inner voice that called me to recognize the reigning power of love, the greatest power for healing and transformation. When I was able to see myself from the perspective of ongoing spirit I knew that what mattered was not whether my body healed or I made my transition and let the body go. What mattered is how I use the life I am given in this very moment.

Breaking through the darkness of the recent past
Like the pangs of labor, giving birth to
The Calm… The Light…
The Mystical Connection to the ONE…
Fully embraced by unconditional love
Bathed in brilliant light
Confusion shattered into clarity and knowing

coastal photo

Cheryl Canfield, CCHT, 2023