Moving to Cambria

Dodging blows, falling down, stumbling forward -
Lifted up and turned around…
Piercing the mist of stress, covid-19, isolation, masks -
Light filters through, illuminating dreams unfolding,
coming true…
The sky is blue, white puffy clouds – the air is crisp,
Nature surrounds
Moments of clarity, no time just space…
Becoming…Being…Who I know myself to be

As I move toward the final chapter in this journey of life, with all of its wake-up calls, it continues to teach me and deepen the lessons. So many transitions, so many unexpected twists and turns along the way. The possibility of moving to a charming little village on the central coast of California was unexpected. It also came with many challenges. It meant leaving my somewhat large home just three doors down from my daughter to move four and a half hours away. I was looking to downsize and find a place close to nature and away from burgeoning home construction and population, but I didn’t foresee the opportunity to move to Cambria, the place my family and I had often retreated to as a refuge and get-away oasis.

It was my daughter who found a listing for the little cottage for sale and came to show me. It looked charming and I immediately said, “I’m going to make an appointment to see it!” Cindy responded with “I want to come, too!” I asked when she could go and she said, “Today.” Laughing and excited we called to for an appointment to see it the next day and packed our bags. We both loved the little house and in a matter of days my larger home went on the market and a contingent offer was made on the cottage. All fell into place. It was my dream home in a dream environment I had not anticipated. It came with a sense of rightness.


Though the stress of moving so many hours away from family took an emotional toll it felt right. It all unfolded as the hard hitting peak and duration of covid challenged our collective concerns and conflicting divisions.

As I dip into my memory box the passage of time has had a way of finding the gifts that can come through difficult times. I can see that every experience in life has given me an opportunity to learn and grow and be a wiser and more compassionate player in this human drama. It has brought me to where I am.

Cheryl Canfield, CCHT, 2023